Launched at Google I/O 2019, the Google pixel 3a and 3a XL are Google’s first step of entering the mid-range market. The Google Pixel 3a XL packs almost the same design as its elder brother the Pixel 3a XL, the phone comes with a premium design, stock android, a headphone jack and the same flagship killer camera like the Pixel 3 and 3 XL. The phone is priced at about $479 which is almost 50% cheaper than the Pixel 3 XL. Though the phone looks pretty promising it is definitely not the perfect mid-range phone. So, what are the things that are holding the Pixel 3a XL back? Is the Pixel 3a XL better than other mid-range phones? Well here’s our full review for Google’s new Pixel 3a XL.

Design and Display

As mentioned before, the design of the Pixel 3a XL is almost the same as the Pixel 3 XL except of course there is no ugly notch but the Pixel 3a XL isn’t any better either because instead of a notch the 3a XL packs big top and bottom bezels. If big bezels are something you cannot tolerate than the Pixel 3a XL is just not for you. Unlike the Pixel 3 XL, the back of the Pixel 3a XL is made out of plastic meaning that there is no wireless charging available for the Pixel3a XL. On the right side of the phone are the volumes rockers and the colored power button. The colored power button is not available if you purchase a black pixel 3a xl. On the right side of the device is the sim tray slot, other than that the left side looks clean. The bottom of the device houses the USB Type-C port, stereo speakers and the main microphone. While on the top side is a rare thing called “the headphone jack”. Yes! The pixel 3a XL has a headphone jack. You can get great discount on electronic devices online using Flipkart Offers.

Talking about the Display, the front is all glass with some unspecified glass protection. The screen is a 6.0 inches OLED panel with a resolution of about 1080 x 2160 pixels and an 18:9 aspect ratio.The screen isn’t the most appealing part of the device because while most of the other phones out there are coming out with about more than 85 or even 90% screen to body ratio, the pixel 3a XL only has a screen to body ratio of about 76%.

Performance and Interface

The performance on the Pixel 3a XL can be questioned because unlike many other smartphones like the one plus 7 which runs on Qualcomm’s new 855 chipset, the Pixel 3a XL just runs on the Snapdragon 670 which is mostly found on other $300 budget smartphones. If that’s not enough to question this phone’s performance then the fact that the phone only has a 4GB of RAM definitely is, although the phone will run most of your games and will get you through your day to day activities just fine but another thing that could bug some people is that as of now the phone is only available with 64 GB of storage with no option for an expandable storage whatsoever. The interface on the Google Pixel 3a XL is again one of the best you can find. since its stock android, there are no bloat wares in the device. Having a pixel phone means you get to have all the latest Android features before any other phone gets them.

Camera and Battery Life

The best thing about this entire phone is its Camera. The Pixel 3a XL comes with almost the same rear camera setup as its elder siblings the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL and even though it has been a long time since the Pixel 3 and 3 XL were launched their camera still remains unmatched. The google pixel 3a XL comes with a 12.2 MP f/1.8 lens that supports Google’s dual pixel technology and are optically stabilized. 4K videos are available at 30 fps while 1080p videos can be shot upto 120 frames per second. Unlike the Pixel 3 XL that had dual front-facing cameras, the Pixel 3a XL only has one front facing camera which an 8 MP f/2.0 shooter and can shoot videos up to 1080p at 30fps. In addition to this if you are looking for Flipkart Recruitment then it could be best chance to try it.

The Pixel 3a XL comes with 3700 mAh battery, it’s not the best but it does the work. The Pixel 3 should last a day for a person with typical average usage. the phone doesn’t support wireless charging but then again most of the midrange phones in the market don’t either. The phone also comes with an 18 W fast charger, it’s not crazy fast like one plus but it works just fine.


The Google Pixel 3a XL is a total package, the main features of this phone are its phenomenal camera, stock android, headphone jack, and good battery performance while it has some cons as well. The bezels are too thick, performance is average, no expandable storage. If you’re someone who needs a Flagship camera at a not-so Flagship price we suggest you check this phone out.

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